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Green Goddess (Private) Limited is owned and managed by a family of members possessing ‘green fingers’ or the natural ability to interact with the plant life forms, like they would do with human beings. They not only nurture them with love and care but also ensure that the plants under their keeping grow healthy and under the most appropriate conditions. Their drive and passion is to share nature’s bounty with the world while protecting and sustaining the environment.

Sudharman Senaratne – Founder / Director

The Founder-Director of Green Goddess (Private) Limited commenced his business with just 05 plants in a small garden plot at his ancestral home, a little more than four decades ago when he started off as a plant collector. Being ‘Green Fingered’ and having gained much knowledge and experience working along with his maternal uncle who was involved in state agricultural programmes and projects, inspired him to commence his own business.  His long term vision along with dedication and hard work paved the way to take the organization forward.

Thilanke Senaratne – Director – Sales & Corporate Service

The son of the Founder, Director of Green Goddess (Private) Limited, Thilanke Senaratne is the force in the forefront that drives the business today. Horticulture naturally runs in his blood with members of his family having been involved in agriculture related projects right along. Thilanke Senaratne started his career at Green Goddess in 1995 under the guidance of his father. Being someone who loves challenges he initiated his first consignment of flowers to Kuwait when he was just 18 years old and that too in the absence f his father. This young entrepreneur’s success story of having transformed Green Goddess from its modest beginnings as a small time enterprise to one of Sri Lanka’s leading exporters, within a short period of just 10 years is truly remarkable. A lot of sweat, tears and courage along with life’s lessons learnt have resulted in this phenomenal achievement.

Today the organization has maintained growth and profitability, while enhancing its uniqueness and advantages. He strongly believes in the phrase ‘never compromise on quality’ and puts this into practice even under the most trying situations.

Being young, enthusiastic, forward thinking and full of new ideas, he has been the key player in taking the business to where it is today. He leads his team with inspiration and dedication and sometimes even courageously changes the convention rules of business to suite modern day business demands.